ESOFLAT TGV TL Aluminum metal shutter system allowing to treat internal floor expansion joints having a width of 20mm to 100mm, in floor / floor or floor / wall configuration.
System tight against washing water, not stagnant (high pressure cleaner to be avoided)
These profiles are telescopic type with ball joint, allowing to take up three-dimensional amplitudes XYZ

DTU concerned:
Tiling, ceramic, stone or similar in glued or sealed installation, (DTU 52.1, 52.2)
Screeds, slabs based on hydraulic binder (DTU 26.2)
Flooring glued textile or PVC (DTU 53.1, 53.2)
Paving (DTU 13.3 part 1 industrial paving)


  • Tertiary buildings such as stations, airports, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, offices, etc.
  • Industrial buildings such as warehouses, factories, freight etc.

Supported traffic (according to DIN 1072):
pedestrian, light vehicles, light handling equipment on tires (cleaning, transport of goods), shopping carts, trolleys
PL 30T traveling at a speed ≤ 10 Km / h.
Supported traffic (according to DIN 1055):
Fenwick type machine on solid rubber tires of 7 Tons,

Punching supported from 65 to 90Kg / cm wheel width on solid tires, of the self-supporting manual pallet truck type from 1.5 to 2T.

For greater constraints, refer to our range ofESOFLAT JPI for the industrial floors.

The aluminum alloy profiles being sensitive to corrosion by electrolysis, their installation in places with permanent humidity is not recommended (outdoor environment, cold room, steaming room, saline environment). In this case use the stainless steel series (Esoflat TGV9041; Esoflat JPI 7034, 4194 and 4195 vario).


- Standard: AGS T5 6060 aluminum alloy (all models).
- Bars of 4ml.
- Our profiles (Seals) are perforated over their entire length, which guarantees a homogeneous connection of the profile between the concrete slab and the finishing coating + perc. in steps of 250 to 290mm in diameter 10mm used for fixing on slab.
- Our profiles (Reported) are perforated over their entire length in steps of 250mm in 10mm diameter 16mm countersunk for M8 screws used for fixing on slab.
- Recyclable CEE / 53 and 100% compliant materials.

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