IDROBAND BTHydro-expansive preformed seal to ensure thewaterproofing of construction joints and concrete joints in building and civil engineering works, subjected to water pressure.

IDROBAND BT is a flexible seal made of Butyl rubber and of bentonite natural sodium. In contact with water IDROBAND BT swells from 250 to 400% depending on the environment. IDROBAND BT is insoluble in water and is non-polluting. IDROBAND BT withstands hydrostatic pressure up to 7 bar.

It is not designed for expansion joints.


Underground structures: tunnels, galleries, shafts, raft-diaphragm wall connections
Hydraulic works: purification or water treatment plants, sewers, settling ponds, pipe penetrations


Idroband BT 10 x 15 mm: box of 72 Ml
Idroband BT 20 x 25 mm: box of 30 Ml

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