ESOFLEX PUB HR 25Two-component elastomeric sealant, thixotropic, exhibiting very good performance at assaults accidental type hydrocarbon non-halogen, oils (mineral, hydraulic) or other.
After polymerization, ESOFLEX PUB HR 25 turns into a rubber mass with high adhesion and permanent elasticity, without shrinkage, allowing to withstand a service elongation of 25%.
Application without primer on the support designated below, in accordance with the implementation detailed on page 2 and 3.

Complementary product to our Esoflex PUB 200N which is a self-leveling mastic for floor joints in aggressive environments.
This sealant is compatible with the polyurethane sealants from our range Esoflex.

Excellent resistance to UV, weathering and abrasion.
No shrinkage after polymerization.
Presence of isocyanate in component B (Hardener).


Sealant for the treatment of vertical or horizontal joints in expansion or fractionation for concrete type structures, airport runways, industrial floors, petroleum sites, retention pitshydrocarbon, gas station.


10 Kg kits (component A: 9.4Kg / component B: 0.6Kg)
Unopened hermetic storage, at an ambient temperature of 5 ° C minimum, in a dry place, away from bad weather.
For 12 months from the date of manufacture affixed to the seals.

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