TheEsoflat PKG is a floor finishing profile, for trepair the expansion joints from 20 to 50mm. TheEsoflat PKG is mainly used indoors for new or renovated car parks, it can perfectly meet other cases of figures, its geometry allows it to adapt to a floor / floor or floor / wall configuration. (see sketches of the products below)


Tertiary buildings such as covered parking lots for airports, stations, shopping centers, hospitals, etc.
Supported traffic: Light vehicles, Vans, Fenwick, 6T forklift or handling equipment (cleaning, luggage transport) on solid rubber tires, shopping carts on solid rubber wheels, heavy goods vehicles. Occasional 15T at low speed ≤10Km / h.


Soft fillings (roll of 24 ml or multiple of 3 meters):

  • Heat-sealable SEBS elastomer,
  • Standard colors: Gray
  • Shore A hardness: 65 ± 3
  • Elongation at break (ISO 37): 500%
  • Stress at break (ISO 37): 6.1 MPa
  • Operating temperature: - 50 ° C to + 100 ° C
  • Chemical resistance (temporary contact): fuels, mineral oils, acids, salt
  • Good abrasion resistance
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