The SR4 mud flap is a reinforced elastomeric bitumen sheet, broken down into the following 2 models:

  • Standard model SR4 not self-protected, in accordance with the provisions of standard EN 13707 waterproofing of roofs.
  • Model S protected cars (calendered aluminum in 8 / 100th) in accordance with the provisions of standards EN 13970 and 13707 waterproofing and vapor barrier on the roof.

These 2 types of bibs can be hot or cold stick using star glue (SR4 type only).


  • Construction of the continuity of the upper section (rejingot) of the facade elements in heavy prefabrication.
  • This flap has the effect of preventing water from entering the top of the vertical joints.
  • Roof waterproofing, welded vapor barrier, decking strips, protection of parapet walls, etc.


Bib type S: Rolls 1m wide and 8m long (ie 8M2).
Bib type SR4: Rolls 1m wide and 10 meters long (i.e. 10 M2).
Star glue for SR4 bib only: seal of 5 or 12Kg (yield of approximately 1.5 to 2Kg / M2 of bib).

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