IDROBAND CR3THydro-expansive preformed seal (in flexible visco acrylate polymer) to ensure thewaterproofing of construction or re-concreting joints, waterproofing of pre-segments metal for tunnels and pipe crossings (steel or concrete) in wall or slab.

German technical opinion of MPA NRW N ° P-22-MPANRW-3918 of 11/18/2004 body approved by the state (product validated for 20ml of water column).


IDROBAND can be used instead of or in addition to water stop strips of resumption of concreting.
It is not designed for expansion joints.

Civil engineering and building: foundations, silo sheet piles, tanks, swimming pools, anti-pollution pavements, tunnel segment
Hydraulic works: purification or water treatment plants, sewers, settling ponds, pipe penetrations


CR3 T 20x5mm (red) box of 6 rolls of 20ml or 120ml
CR3 T 20x10mm (red) box of 6 rolls of 10ml or 60ml
CR3 T 20x15mm (red) box of 8 rolls of 7ml or 56ml
CR3 T 25x20mm (red) box of 6 rolls of 5ml or 30ml
CR3 TS 20x10mm (yellow) box of 6 rolls of 10ml or 60ml (for saline environment)

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