ESOFLEX PUB 200.NTwo-component elastomeric sealant, self-leveling, pourable cold, showing very good performance at hydrocarbon-type attacks non-halogen, oils (mineral, hydraulic) or others.

Complies with SS-S 200 E.

After polymerization, ESOFLEX PUB 200 / N turns into a rubber mass with high adhesion and permanent elasticity.


Horizontal joints concrete runways and pavements for highways, aerodromes, industrial floors, petroleum sites, hydrocarbon pits, service stations.
Concrete / Concrete, concrete / metal, metal / metal bond

Use of primary:

  • The use of Primary M is mandatory on steel support.
  • The use of Primary 2206 is recommended, only for interior or exterior paving joints subjected to regular traffic of vehicles or machines on tires (VL, Truck, Fenwick, Airplane etc ...)


10 Kg kits (component A: 5.9Kg / component B: 4.1Kg)
20 kg (component A: 11.76Kg / component B: 8.24Kg)

Primary 2206 or M (5Kg seal)
Unopened hermetic storage, at an ambient temperature of 5 to 35 ° C, in a dry place, protected from bad weather.
For a 6 months from the date of manufacture affixed to the seals.

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