ESOFLAT JPS SR 75 is a sealing system for floor expansion joints. This profile allows to treat openings with a width of 20 to 70mm. Her alveolar and ridged lining allows it to take up amplitudes of ± 20mm, it is interchangeable and heat-weldable.

ESOFLAT JPS SR 75 is provided with a bridging profile (anti bending), placed under the garnish, it is responsible for resuming the flexion of the garnish under the effect of the applied loads and to distribute them on the side profiles.


Tertiary buildings such as stations, airports, car parks, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, offices, etc.

Supported traffic:

  • Light vehicles, light handling equipment on tires (cleaning, luggage transport)
  •  Caddies on solid rubber wheels
  •  Heavy trucks and occasional vans

This range is suitable for intensive traffic (rolling or pedestrian) in configurations of the P4 S type in the tertiary sector (terminal, airport, shopping centers).


3ml bars.

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