Esodil JSM ACV 400 R / S is a seismic expansion joint cover for walls interiors allowing resume amplitudes 50% on joints 50 to 300mm wide. These profiles are provided with a self-centering system(flat models only) provided by swivel bars (7 bars / length). This process makes it possible to reduce the visible width of the joint cover from 10 to 40% compared to an equivalent of the telescopic type (Esodil TLV2 or TLV 300).

They are also equipped with a round joint at the top of the side profiles limiting any air circulation between the 2 volumes separated by the joint cover. The height of profiles is 32mm for the AC / V Sealed 400 series and 16mm for the AC / V Add-on 400 series. Esodil JSM ACV 400 R / S is ideal for a drywall, concrete wall or other type configuration.

This range consists of flat profiles (ACV 400 P) or angles (ACV 400 A).


Wall expansion joints in seismic zones for commercial buildings, shopping malls, shopping centers, airports, buildings etc.


  • Aluminum deck and side profile:
    3.05 meter bar
    6063-T5 aluminum alloy
  • PVC seal on side profiles:
    Heat-sealable PVC
    Color: Black
  • Hardware:
    Stainless steel screws for screwing the bridging profile onto the self-centering bars (7 screws / length of assembled flat profile)
    Self-drilling screw for screwing the side profiles into the support (7 screws / length of side profile or 2 × 7 screws / length of assembled flat profile).
    Provide nylon plugs in the case of a concrete support.
  • Self-centering bar: 20 / 10th stamped steel (7 bars / length of assembled flat profile)
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