Esodecor BC / R ¼ round type is a wall corner edge trim, as part of a sealed installation of ceramic, earthenware, tiling, indoors or outdoors.

It can also be positioned in wall plinth finish under tiling, parquet, carpet, stone or other.

It exists in PVC, Aluminum, Brass or stainless steel to be adapted according to the desired finish and environmental constraints.

The perforated wing to be sealed, guarantees a perfect integration of the product between the raw support and the Wall cover, in accordance with the requirements of DTU 55 (sealed and glued wall coverings).

Forged or molded products exist for the careful connection of profiles between them (outgoing Y or returning L) see photos above.

Exists in bendable (except PVC).


ESODECOR BC / R profiles metallic PVC, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless steel can be used on interior or exterior wall.

They are suitable for thicknesses of sealed or glued coverings 6.8.10 or 12.5mm thick.

The PVC models are sensitive to direct UV radiation as well as to violent shocks.


25m boot (10 × 2.5ml) in straight or bendable bar.

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