Range Esoclip PVC or Anodized aluminum is a type product cover seal with clip. TheEsoclip is used within the framework of treatment of expansion joints or static seals.
It is held in place with stainless steel clips to adapt according to theseal opening to be processed and the amplitudes to be achieved.


Decorative shutter of expansion or static joints having a width of 15 to 120 mm maximum.
In a vertical or ceiling position, indoor application or outdoors.

Sealing of floor joints from 15 to 30mm only for flat models or angles in aluminum type Esoclip MFP or MFA 50 and 70 having to support pedestrian traffic.

Choice of clip :
The choice is made taking into account the following 2 elements, width of the joint, amplitude of opening in the case of expansion joint.
The sum of these 2 values must be within the efficiency range of the clip.
Either for a 30mm JD subject to 15mm opening or 45mm total; 35/80 clip recommended
NOTE: we recommend that you carry out a test in the case of a wall with a chamfer.


Esoclip PVC joint cover or Aluminum : Bundle of 10 bars of 3 meters

Number of clips per length of 3ml (included in the price / ml)
PVC profile: 5 clips / 3ml
Aluminum profile: 4 clips / 3ml (vertical application) or 8 clips / 3ml (floor application)

Clips: 50 or 200U box (15/35; 35/80 or 70/120 models)

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