ESOBLOCK AF D OR G - Our deviceselastomer support (CR, Neoprene) have been used for over 20 years in the field of building or civil engineering in concrete, metal or mixed structures.

The role of a bearing device is as follows:

  • it transmits and concentrates the loads between 2 independent structures,
  • it takes up any translations (expansion, shrinkage) between the 2 structures in all directions of the bearing plane.
  • it takes up the rotations generated by the deformation of the structure under the effect of loads.

The supports prevent the transmission of solid-state noises and vibrations.

Our supports are calculated according to the technical bulletin N ° 4 of Sétra (BT4) of 1974 distributed by the Division of Structures of SETRA

Our range ESOBLOCK AF is able to take a load of 150Kg / cm2


Our support ESOBLOCK AF this consists of a elastomer block garnished with ferric steel frets, and in the case of ESOBLOCK AFG of a silicone PTFE sheet (Teflon) all hot vulcanized.

The result is a mother plate in which we cut the elastomer blocks to the desired section.

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