ESOBANDE PVCWater stop bands used forwaterproofing of expansion or construction joints, in reinforced concrete structures subjected to internal or external water pressure.


Sealing of expansion and construction joints in building and civil engineering, such as: walls, rafts, bridges, tunnels, purification stations, locks, dams, various hydraulic structures, etc.


  • Provide retaining clips to position every 250mm staggered or 500mm on each side for the internal ranges PT and PH.
  • In the case of spaced concreting phases or prolonged storage on site> 6 months, protect the profile from UV or mechanical aggression, using a wooden enclosure or a black tarpaulin or polyane.
  • Provide protection for the external PSR or PSD type profiles using a suitable joint cover in the event of exposure to open air and UV.


Standard: 25 meter rolls.
Possibility of making rolls to a desired length (on order).

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