ESOFLAM is a flexible bead made from mineral fibers (bio soluble), used for over 20 years for fireproof treatment of dynamic joints (expansion joint) or static (masonry head or other) in tertiary, industrial or civil engineering buildings. Bonding of the beads using ESOCOLLE silicate glue in the case expansion joints only.

ESOFLAM is a compressible, incombustible, rot-proof and refractory bead. Chemically neutral, ESOFLAM does not release any harmful product or smoke under the effect of fire.
Product complies with the new European fire regulation EN 1366-4 relating to sealing of linear joints (dynamic or static).
ESOFLAM is indifferent to the direction of arrival of the fire.


3 to 4 hour fire break treatment joints with a width of 10 to 40mm in expansion or construction on concrete or masonry elements such as:

  • Expansion joints in slab or veil.
  • Joints for fire walls.
  • Façade seals Between precast concrete elements.
  • Sheath passage seals and led in veil or slab.
  • Seals between floor nosing and prefabricated facade.
  • Protection of neoprene supports, etc.


Coil of 50 meters: Ø 12 mm, 15 mm.
20 meter spool: Ø 20,30,40,50,60mm, 80mm.

(Upper sections on request)

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